Meet the Patersons

People thought we were mental when we said we’d cycle round the planet. But in 2016/17, that’s exactly what we did. We’re Katie & Euan Paterson, welcome to our site!

Here we share stories from places you’ll have heard of, and others far off the beaten track, through our blogs, photos and videos…Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tajikistan and other unorthodox cycling destinations! We hope to provide an honest and hopefully entertaining insight into what these places are like, and what it’s like to travel through them fully powered by your own two legs!

Our route around the world

We left London in September 2016, and headed west across the UK and Ireland, the USA, the length of New Zealand, and flew to Vietnam, cycling home from there through South East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia (The Stans), the Caucasus, Turkey and Europe. In 11 months we covered just over 22,000km, through 32 countries. Check out the map to see the route in detail, and see this blog for more info on how we decided on our route!

Read all about our world antics

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  • Caucasus & Turkey
  • Central Asia (The Stans)
  • Europe
  • Fiji & NZ
  • India
  • South Asia
  • South East Asia
  • Trip preparation
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Watch the video diaries

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