A Greek proposal

Exciting news for our readers… we’re engaged!

No jokes this time – here is the proof:

This week we’ve locked up the bikes and ditched dodging angry dogs for some time with our families aboard a boat in the Greek islands.

18,000km safely cycled, various promotions, new jobs and new houses amongst our crew – it seems there is a lot to celebrate!

Amongst island hopping, paddle boarding, snorkelling and rum drinking, Ewan and I decided the week needed a competitive edge.

We paired up the crew and assigned the teams a night on which they would host a  “Come Dine With Me” style dinner party.

This sparked a hilarious build-up to the holiday – secret phone calls, whatsapps, manic Amazon orders for costumes and props.

On one occasion I returned from the toilet in a petrol station, as Ewan hurriedly hung up his whispered phone conversation with his brother, Robbie.

“Sorry Rab, got to go. She’s coming…”

I accused Ewan of taking it too seriously when he wouldn’t tell me what he had planned for their evening.

Night one was the Paterson boys’ night – Ewan and Robbie, a formidable pair. They produced a fantastic ancient Greek themed meal.

True to form, Ewan could not miss the opportunity to teach us all a little bit about Greek mythology.

We were each assigned a Greek god/goddess, and mid way through dinner we were each given funny props in line with our characters – a beard for Zeus, some giant pants for Katie who was Aphrodite – the Goddess of Love…

After dinner Ewan recited (from memory) an incredible poem about each of our characters.

The grand finale – a long awaited proposal… to which the answer was … yes!

Ewan’s poem:

Welcome all to Greece, where civilisation began,
It’s great to be here with you, enjoying a tidy scran!

For each of you there’s a character to whom you’re most alike,
Please let me explain, before telling me to take a hike.

Pete – You’re like Poseidon, the God of all the sea,
Please keep the storms at bay this week, would be my only plea.

For although your hardy sea legs, love the choppy ocean,
My weak city bred stomach, cannot deal with too much motion!

Jan, you are a person on whom we can always count,
Without your help this year, our problems would have started to mount.

No matter how far away we are, or where we decide to roam,
We know you’ll always be there – Hestia, the Goddess of the home.

Hera is the Goddess, of marriage and childbirth,
Tonight mum this is you, as you’ve brought four kids onto this earth.

I’ve really missed you, whilst we’ve been on our cycle trip,
It’s great to see you here and happy on board this lovely ship.

The God of the sky and rain is the highest of them all,
Jonny you are Zeus, as you are so very tall!

He throws lightning at his enemies, who all cower in fear,
So be aware tonight, my friends, before you steal Jonny’s beer!

Athena represents great wisdom, handicrafts and inventing.
Deb – you’re very wise & your inventiveness is unrelenting

You’re always whipping up delicious meals for tea,
But please don’t be downhearted when we win “Come dine with me”.

Hades is the God of the underworld, he is ruling over the dead,
When he doesn’t get his way he gets angry and loses his head.

Robbie – this is you. You might think I’m being unfair.
But I know from first hand experience – it’s like bloody Hell’s Kitchen in there!

Katie – you’re Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, desire & love,
Those who see you are enchanted, you’re animal is a dove.

The men admire your beauty, so much you leave them weeping.
But to be honest you hardly notice, as most of the time you’re sleeping…

You know I’m only joking – at getting up I’m the worst
But seriously, we’ve come a long way since when I saw you first,

We first met at Loughborough, in Rutherford & Faraday,
We played IMS against each other – you won! To my dismay.

We campaigned for exec together, a Pacman & a sun,
We got the jobs with all our friends, and for a year we had such fun.

We travelled the length of Africa, you handled local buses like a pro,
Too many good times to mention, the highlight surely mount kilimanjaro.

After Uni life got harder – I was in Ipswich you in Reading,
But it made the weeks go easier, knowing to see you I’d be heading.

We moved in together in London, and kept doing more cool stuff,
Ironman, Marathons & the Welsh three peaks, were fun – if sometimes tough.

We dressed up as zombies, aliens and lego men my personal fave,
We went to Bestival, and T – & in the slam tent had a rave.

Then one day we had an idea…we discussed & started to plan it,
Some people thought we were crazy when we said we’d cycle round the planet.

30 countries & 4 continents, it’s been an incredible adventure,
At times we’ve both gone a bit mad, like we’ve got early onset dementia.

When I lost my rag in India, you were patient without relent,
And you even put with me when I was moody & when I farted in the tent…

We have also met some people, whose personalities I’ve found rather grating,
But your always the kind and polite one, who drags up our couch surfing rating.

We’ve had amazing scenery, delicious food, & met more nice people than I can mention,
It’s been so much more fun than working, and saving for a pension.

So after 18,000km, with the finish line in sight,
But what I bet you’re all wondering, is what character am I tonight?

Tonight I am Hermes, the messenger of the gods,
But if he is watching this right now, we would surely be at odds.

For I do not have a message to deliver – he would surely take me to task,
Instead of a message however, there’s a question I’d like to ask.

These last 9 months – and 8 years – have been the best of my life,
So I was wondering, Katie, will you be my wife?

Debbie and Jonny also filmed the whole episode, so you can watch it below…

“Come Dine With Me” has since been abandoned because no one else can compete…

We’ll be spending the rest of the week in local Taverners.

On reflection, I can identify some slightly odd behaviour amongst Ewan and the crew (all of whom were in on the secret!).

Funnily enough though, the 12 bottles of champagne that Dad brought onto the boat simply struck me as very normal.

It’s going to be a good week!